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Toyota Hilux Ironman4x4 Nitro Gas Suspension

Toyota Hilux Ironman4x4 Nitro Gas Suspension
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 Components Overview for Toyota Hilux Ironman4x4 Nitro Gas Suspension

Nitrogen Gas Pressurization:  

Utilizes low-pressure nitrogen gas to significantly minimize oil aeration and prevent shock fade, ensuring stable performance across different driving conditions.

35mm Teflon-Coated Piston

Engineered with precision shim stacks and specially calibrated by Ironman's suspension experts, this piston is Teflon-coated to deliver smooth, long-lasting performance with minimal friction and wear.

54mm Dual-Tube Body

Featuring an increased oil volume for superior cooling and endurance, the dual-tube design also shields internal components from rock and debris damage.

16mm – 18mm Chrome-Plated Piston Rod  

This rod is hardened, polished, and balanced to match the piston's size, providing exceptional strength and resistance to bending or damage in extreme environments.

Flexible Rubber Bushing

Designed to offer quieter operation and lessen the harmful side loads on the shock absorber, these bushings contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Triple-Lip High-Pressure NOK Seal  

Ensures maximum retention of gas and oil, capable of withstanding high displacement during off-road use, thereby enhancing the suspension's durability.

Reinforced Welded Mounts:

Constructed with fusion welding and additional welds for ultimate strength and reliability, ensuring the suspension can withstand extreme conditions.

Single-Piece Billet Eye Rings and Stems 

These components are designed for maximum robustness to prevent breakage or bending, enhancing overall durability and reliability.

Vehicle-Specific Valving  

Each component is individually tuned for specific vehicle applications, ensuring optimal ride quality and handling as designed by Ironman's suspension engineers.

Extended Travel  

Suitable for both standard and raised height vehicles, this feature allows for greater wheel articulation, improving traction and stability on uneven terrains.

Impact-Resistant Stone Shield  

A protective shield made from steel or polyethylene guards the piston rod against impacts and road debris, safeguarding the suspension during off-road adventures.

These thoughtfully designed components make the Ironman4x4 Nitro Gas Suspension a top choice for boosting the off-road capabilities of the Toyota Hilux.



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